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National Training Regulations

In order to compare national training regulations (NTRs) for medical specialists in (Clinical) Pharmacology, descriptions/detailed summaries of these NTRs shall be deposited here. On the basis of these, the UEMS Section of Pharmacology will make efforts to harmonise training requirements for our discipline.

Please note: The documents available here are not the legally binding regulations for training in the mentioned countries, but translations/descriptions of these. The legal basis for training, of course, remain those laws and regulations that are in effect in the respective country. If you are interested in such a training, please contact the respective National Medical Association.

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AUSTRIA Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmakologie und Toxikologie
14.11.2017 FULL 6 yr
Clinical Pharmacology
Klinische Pharmakologie
28.12.2017 ADD 3 yr
BULGARIA Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy
Клинична Фармакология и Терапия
19.12.2017 FULL 4 yr
CROATIA Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Klinička farmakologija s toksikologijom
14.02.2018 FULL 4 yr
DENMARK Clinical Pharmacology
Klinisk farmakologi
updated 09.01.2020
FULL 5 yr
FINLAND Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Kliininen farmakologia ja lääkehoito
02.04.2019 FULL 6 yr
GERMANY Clinical Pharmacology
Klinische Pharmakologie

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmakologie und Toxikologie

30.12.2017 FULL 5 yr
IRELAND Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
11.12.2017 FULL 6 – 7 yr
ITALY Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Farmacologia e tossicologia clinica
03.01.2018 FULL 4 yr
LITHUANIA Clinical Pharmacology
Klinikinė farmakologija
31.12.2017 FULL 4 yr
NORWAY Clinical Pharmacology
Klinisk farmakologi
03.01.2018 FULL 5 yr
POLAND Clinical Pharmacology
Farmakologia kliniczna
01.01.2018 FULL 4 yr
PORTUGAL Clinical Pharmacology
Farmacologia clínica
06.01.2018 FULL 5 yr
ROMANIA Clinical Pharmacology
Farmacologie clinică
05.12.2017 FULL 4 yr
SLOVAKIA Clinical Pharmacology
Klinická farmakológia
09.06.2019 FULL 4 yr
SPAIN Clinical Pharmacology
Farmacología clínica
21.03.2019 FULL 4 yr
SWEDEN Clinical Pharmacology
Klinisk farmakologi
07.12.2017 FULL 5 yr
SWITZERLAND Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Klinische Pharmakologie und Toxikologie / Pharmacologie et toxicologie cliniques / Farmacologia e tossicologia clinica
30.12.2017 FULL 6 yr
UNITED KINGDOM Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
29.12.2017 FULL 4+ yr